28 Mar
Can Cafe's Stay Open
Can Cafes / Restaurants Stay Open? How Coronavirus has locked down Australia.
Category: News
It’s a distressing time for cafe and hospitality owners. We’ve worked with 100’s of cafes, restaurants and entrepreneurs and have heard from many about the 50%...
20 Apr
Kounta Courses – a must have feature for restaurants
Category: Point of Sale
It’s been a long time coming; Kounta finally has announced Courses for their POS product. The add-on will be active with the 4.10 release coming out soon. Let’s go o...
13 Apr
Make the most of your Wi-Fi with these 3 critical questions
Category: Wi-Fi
The reality is that WiFi is a requirement for almost every business. Whether it’s for your staff, customers or systems; wireless internet enables you to conduct business efficie...
13 Oct
How to grow your MailChimp subscribers and Newsletters lists
Category: Brand development
Let’s face it; growing your email list is a tedious task. It takes time, effort and promotions, let’s go through some of the most effective ways of growing your mail...
08 Sep
Kounta 1.2 iPad Update has removed your Register – here’s what to do.
Category: Point of Sale
You may have been greeted this morning to a red notification on Kounta saying that Your device has been deregistered… or your login screen did not give you the option to g...
02 Jul
Noticed a recent increase in Spam?
Category: News
Spam is on the rise – be cautious with emails. We’ve had a number of customers notice the increase in Spam over the past 6 months. Despite using the best practises f...
20 Jun
How technology can improve business processes
Category: Business advice
Keen to streamline your business processes? Technology could be the answer says Mitch Tomazic-Spanger, from business solutions company Unify Services, who is currently working w...
14 Mar
Kounta and CBA Albert
Category: Point of Sale
Anyone watching My Kitchen Rules would have seen Commonwealth Bank’s Albert on display. It’s truely an amazing device that does pretty much everything! Now, it does ...
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