Integrated iPad Restaurant Booking and Waiting list software for Australian business

Cafe POS Finance

Book yourself a table at our Restaurant. It’s completely automatic and will notify you of your reservation when you input your email address. Groups of 5 or more incur a deposit of $20 and up. Try it yourself.

How can I get this on my website?

We provide installation for free to all our customers using our web hosting. Got your own hosting or using Wix/Squarespace? We can set this up the widget for $150.

Everything you've ever wanted in a booking system at a great price

Intelligent Table Management

Maximize seating arrangement by visually assessing your restaurant occupancy, automatically block sections or days, and strategically seat larger parties. Gauge each server’s load and assign table fairly and efficiently amongst your wait staff.

Smart Waitlist

Allow your guests to add their name to your waitlist online or when they approach your host. Eliminate the need for costly pagers and efficiently manage your waitlist with accurate wait time prediction based on party size. Notify guests when their table is ready by sending a text to their phone with unlimited SMS included.

Advanced Reservation Management

Never miss a reservation again by offering online reservation on your website, on your Facebook page and on any other of your online profiles. Reduce no-shows by texting confirmation to your guests or requesting monetary deposits. Remove any chance of double-up’s with advanced conflict detection.

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