Smart Guest Free WiFi

Ditch the password

Customers sign on securely to your WiFi simply by signing into their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Profile.


Get insights on customers demographics, locations, new visits and repeat visits. Verified by the worlds largest companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Grow your lists effortlessly

With our WiFi Solution, you can effortlessly grow your MailChimp email list without investing hours of time.


Offering WiFi is a great way to retain customers, but you can make your WiFi work harder by capturing emails which you can use to re-market to your customers, all automatically

Integrate with your POS

Sync customers and offer instant discounts as an incentive to join your WiFi and reward customers


When your customers sign on, you'll get their full name, email and phone number. This will auto-add the customer straight to your POS Customer Relationship Manager.

Provide secure, professional guest WiFi with the marketing integration your business needs
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WiFi Sync MailChimp

Create a beautiful customer experience

No more passwords, your customers will simply see My Venue – Free WiFi and they self-sign on without interrupting your staff.


We make it easy to have a secure guest WiFi solution. Don’t leave your expensive and business critical IT exposed.


Your login experience is fully branded and white labeled with your business logo and description. Once your customer has signed on, we can even redirect them to your website or AppStore to download your app


Don’t compromise your precious WiFi with users who are hogging your network. We can limit their speed to ensure your business critical apps are prioritised and even limit customers to 1 or 2 hours of use per day.

Subscribe users to your MailChimp mailing list automagically

Growing your MailChimp mailing list is a breeze.


Collect customer names, emails, mobile number and number of visits at your venue. You can use this information to setup MailChimp Automation which can automatically reward customers with vouchers or re-market to them.


If available, your customer’s date of birthday will sync with MailChimp so you can automatically send them offers and freebies on their birthdays. This will even work with free MailChimp accounts!


You can keep track of the last time your customers visited and incentivise them with emails and coupons if they have gone MIA!

Lightspeed Kounta Integration

When your customers sign into your WiFi, they’ll also check-in on your POS. Keep track of customer sales and integrate it with your loyalty apps or digital coffee cards


The moment your customers sign into your WiFi, a Customer record will be instantly created in your Kounta Customer Database.


Customers who log in to your WiFi will be check-in on your POS. This means they move to the top of your Customer list in your POS, so when they approach your POS, you can find them in a snap.

As of Dec 2020, our customers see average monthly results of:

Unique Free WiFi users per site
Gained Social Likes/Follows

Compatible Hardware & Pricing

  • Cisco Access Points
  • AeroHive HiveManager-NG
  • UniFi Running Controller 5.7+
  • HP Cloud APs
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Open Mesh
  • Ruckus
  • Aruba Instant AP
$39 inc GST
per month / per access point
no contracts – note: hardware costs are seperate

Need help with hardware? We can make recommendations depending on your needs.

Hardware Options

Medium Traffic

Up to 50 Users

Perfect for medium sized cafe’s and venues, up to 50 simultaneous users.

$299 inc GST

High Traffic

Over 50 Users

Suitable for large, multi-site venues who need seamless roaming through multiple access points.

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