Lightspeed Kounta Apps & Integrations that make your business great(er)

We can help super charge your Lightspeed Kounta POS with these smart apps and integrations.

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Lightspeed Kounta POS Voice ID

Would you like to know who is calling before your phone rings?

  • Get an audible and visual notification on your POS when a call is incoming
  • See the customer’s name instantly.
  • Pre-filled with the customer’s last order

Make your customer feel like part of the family and greatly improve your service speed over the phone.

Workforce Management

We love software that help businesses become more efficient while saving you time and money. Deputy is an excellent example of great software that integrates seamlessly into your other systems that will save you hours and reduce timesheet fraud.


Sales data vs Wages

Deputy pulls sales data directly from Lightspeed Kounta and will forecast your sales to help manage your sales vs wage ratios.


Integrated with your POS.

Clock in and Clock out directly from Lightspeed Kounta POS.

Online Table Reservations and Waitlists

Intelligent Table Management

Maximise seating arrangement by visually assessing your restaurant occupancy, automatically block sections or days, and strategically seat larger parties. Gauge each server’s load and assign table fairly and efficiently amongst your wait staff.

Smart Waitlist

Allow your guests to add their name to your waitlist online or when they approach your host. Notify guests when their table is ready by sending a text to their phone with unlimited SMS included.

Loyalty + Ordering Ahead

In a competitive world, rewarding your customers for their business is just one of the ways you can improve revenue and customer satisfaction.


Ditch the reward cards

Physical cards come with their limitations and downside. They’re wasteful, take up space and can be exploited if they’re a simple stamp system. In our digital world, move your brand onto your customer’s smart devices. Keep track of their spending, entice them with offers and deals and reward them in ways that keeps them coming back.


Order Ahead

Customer’s hate waiting. It’s often one of the most common negative comments left on review websites like Yelp and Zomato. Stay ahead of your customers by letting them order and pay ahead of time.

Make your Free WiFi work harder

Don’t give away your WiFi for free! Turn it into a way to re-market to your customers using Mailchimp.


Capture Customer Info

Know more about your customers simply by offering WiFi. You can capture their name, DOB, location they visit and the number of visits. This happens all automagically through WiFi.


Encourage App install and Social Engagement

Scared your loyalty app will go un-noticed? We can help encourage App installs simply using Smart Triggers.

For example, we can trigger an automatic email immediately after someone logs into your WiFi – or on their second visit – or on their birthday!

Because your business doesn't stop.

Managed Support Plans

We understand that downtime in your business, even for a few minutes, can cost $1,000s in lost revenue, staffing and wastage. That's why we're always here when you need us. Introducing our latest support management plans.