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It’s been a long time coming; Kounta finally has announced Courses for their POS product. The add-on will be active with the 4.10 release coming out soon. Let’s go over this new feature and what to expect on the POS and production printing side.

Setting up

Setup is simple. First let’s activate the Add-on. The add-on is included on the Extend Plan ($150+)

On Kounta, goto Adds Ons, Find Courses and Click the + Button.

Then click Enable Courses




Configuration is easy. Simply click Add Course. give it any name, and assign the categories that you’d like to assign.

Configuration Courses

By default, the Now course will have every category on your menu. As you start to assign categories to other courses, it will be moved from the Now course.

So, in the example above, when we added the Food Category into the Main Course, it’ll was removed from the Now course.

The great thing here is that your front of house user has the ability to over-ride the courses. So if a food item is to be called immediately, or during a different course, it can be done.


Let’s take a look at how it appears on the POS side.

You’ll notice that now we have these blue bars running across our order sheet which correspond to the Courses we have defined in the back end.

As you add your product from different categories, the items will find their respective course. You can tap on the line item to over-ride the course if needed.



You’ll also notice a Bell beside the course line. When the bell is checked, it’ll turn yellow. This means that you’re about to call away the course when you press the Hold button (The high-5 hand in the top right).

Once the courses have been sent away, the course and line item will also receive a green tick. Any changes you make to these line items will also call a Change docket which will notify the kitchen or bar of the change.

Let’s take a look at the tickets that get’s printed with the Courses add-on added. You can also see that font-size can now be made smaller for production tickets, which is great as it means less paper and greater readability for big titled items.

In our settings, I’ve set the initial print out to show all courses and then print instructions as needed. You can also change this to suit your environment where the products will only print as requested.


By checking the Bell icon next to the Starters course, and holding the docket, this is the ticket that get’s printed:

Receipts 2

How about if the customer makes a change to their main course? Kounta’s courses also has instructions that display deletions. No more running to the kitchen!

Receipts 1


Kounta Courses is a great add on and a welcomed addition to the feature set of Kounta. The simplicity of setting up courses is fantastic and extremely powerful on the POS side. We’re also thrilled to see a smaller font size on production tickets – this was a highly requested option. It’s great to see the Kounta team listening to their customers and continuously improving their SaaS.

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Author: Moe Assafiri
Mouhamed "Moe" Assafiri has a degree in Information Systems and over 5 year experience with cloud Point of Sale implantation and networking. He has worked with a range of Point of Sale solutions available in Australia and world-wide and delivered 100's of hospitality and retail projects across Australia.

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