Thermal Printer Rolls 80x80mm / 24 Rolls


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Thermal Register Paper

Calibor Thermal Plain Paper Roll suitable for Epson Thermal Printers

– 80mm (paper width) x 80mm (roll diameter)
– 24 rolls in total per carton
The Calibor range of high quality receipt paper rolls suits all Epson THERMAL printers including the TM-T88V, TM-T88Vi, TM-T82II and TM-T82i. Ensure you use quality Thermal Paper Rolls such as the Calibor brand that offers more paper per roll, clearer print and less dust (which wears printers out!)

(Note : This is not suitable for the U220B Kitchen printer. Please see the 2Ply Rolls instead)

POS printers paper

Thermal POS Printer paper is used without ink, instead the thermal paper is etched using heat. Thermal paper is not recommended in environments that will reach over 60 degrees celsius, eg: close to heat lamps or above fryer vats.

Thermal Printer Rolls Delivered

Thermal printer rolls delivered to your shop door anywhere in Australia, we ship express every day before 12pm Monday to Friday.

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