Support Definition

We want to ensure that your business is supported when something goes wrong, but there are guidelines which our policy outlines to help you identified what is covered in our support plans and what is not.

The general principal of our support plan is if the system is not working as expected at the time of installation, and nothing has changed, you are covered by our support plan either via remote or on-site support (dependant on your plan).

How do we define what’s considered different to your installation. We use an industry standard “MACD” model.


MACD stands for Moves, Additions, Changes or Deletions

Anything that falls within  MACD is not covered by the UniPOS Support plan at any level

Any MACD is treated as a new project and will be quoted based on Project or hourly pricing as agreed between you and UniPOS.

M: Moves

A move is classified as a service or product being moved at your request, or resulting as your attempt at moving and causing an issue. For example, if you’re moving to a new service provider; or; moving hardware to a new location that has been set up and already running.

A: Additions

Any additional elements to your setup that may require new hardware or services. For example, adding a new printer, device, or network element.

C: Changes

In the event that a change is done by you, or a request is raised to change an element in your working setup; this is considered a change. For example, you make a change on your printer settings which cause the system to break.

C: Deletions

In the event that you wish to remove hardware or services from your working setup, this is considered a deletion. In the event that you have deleted an element from your setup and cause a break in a working system, this is also considered a deletion.